Fox Point Hiring Another Firm to Study Bridge

The Boldt Company will take another look at replacement options for the footbridge.

The Fox Point Village Board on Tuesday evening approved yet another study for the Bridge Lane Ravine Footbridge, this time to be completed by The Boldt Company.

Neighbors of the bridge, Jack and Cissy Bryson and Mary and James Connelly, asked the board what it needs to make a decision, questioning why a third firm needs to be brought in to study the bridge.

Village President Michael West said it's a matter of the board obtaining enough information to make an informed decision.

"As far as I'm concerned, this is new information," West said.

The Boldt Company, a construction services firm out of Appleton, will meet with Ayers Associates to work with them on the previous studies that have been done on the bridge. According to the proposal from Boldt, they will also design construction and installation plans for up to three replacement bridge options. The cost of this proposal could come in lower, however, Boldt has agreed the cost to not exceed $14,500.

The village has spent $71,105 on reports and updates from two structural engineering firms on the bridge, GRAEF-USA and Ayres Associates. The bridge connecting At that time, Ayers, an engineering firm hired by the village, had done an inspection looking into the load capacity and safety of the bridge. Ayers said the number of people on the bridge at one time should not exceed eight, and if that number could not be controlled, they suggested it be closed until the footbridge could be repaired or replaced.

"I do think this would be valuable information to have," Trustee Eric Fonstad said. "If we pursue a replacement bridge, we will want to specify to the bidders what the constraints are on the construction method which we will likely get from this kind of a undertaking."


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