Sendik's Expansion and Remodeling Approved

Plans for renovated Sendik's receive easy approvals at village committee levels.

The proposal for a renovated and expanded Sendik's in Bayside earned a series of easy approvals in village committees this week, including zoning and enhancements to the building.

"It's a wonderful proposal for the community," said Board President Samuel Dickman.

On Wednesday, the Village Plan Commission took all of three minutes to approve a conditional use request from the new LLC formed for the project, said Dickman, who also sits on the Plan Commission.

"We approved the change in the Sendik's LLC," said Dickman. The proposal is on the Village Board meeting's agenda for Thursday night — both the change in the LLC and also the request for an operator's permit, but is not expected to run into controversy.

On Monday, the Bayside Board of Zoning Appeals and the Architectural Review Committee also met to vote on proposals made by Sendik's and Devo Properties. They also won approval.

Sendik's and Devo Properties of Mequon are teaming up to purchase the land between Port Washington and Mohawk Road along Brown Deer Road. As Patch reported previously, Sendik's Bayside is changing ownership to the Balistreri family of the "Red Bag" Sendik's, amid promises of renovations, expansion and of course the famous red bag.

Ted Balistreri announced last week that his branch of the Sendik's markets will partner with Devo Properties of Mequon to purchase the entire shopping corridor from Sendik's gas pumps east to Mohawk Road. This purchase includes the building at 326 W. Brown Deer Road, which houses Community Bark Dog Wash and Coffee Bar, Kurth Chiropractic and Great Lakes Foot and Ankle Center. They will also purchase the home at the corner of Mohawk and Brown Deer roads, which is zoned commercial.

A special exception approved Monday would allow a proposed expansion on the corner of Mohawk and Brown Deer Road to be 44 feet away from Mohawk Road, 6 feet less than the Bayside Village Code recommendation. The board took only 10 minutes to discuss the application before voting 6-0 to approve the special exception.  

The application will have to make its way through another approval by the Village Board.

Architecture Committee also OKs

The Village of Bayside Architectural Review Committee also met Monday night to review and approve plans set forth by Devo Properties and Sendik's.

The proposed plan included the design of the expansion that is to be added to the multi-tenant building. According to Gregory Devorkin of Devo Properties, the Sendik's building will be completely gutted from the inside and will be closed for roughly six months once construction begins.   

Devorkin also reiterated what was said in a Sendik's press release, mentioning that the gas station which is owned and operated by Sendik's on the corner of Port Washington Road would remain open.

Some committee members were confused as to what was and was not being remodeled, but Devorkin cleared things up.

"Enhancements will be made to the current multi-tenant building to match the look of the expansion building," Devorkin told committee members. "I want to make that clear."

A concern was raised by committee member Marisa Roberts about the state of the current Sendik's roofing. "Whenever I drive by that Sendik's, I get worried," Roberts said. "It looks like the shingles on the roof are just falling off."

Devorkin put her worries to rest quickly. "The roof is a primary concern of ours. Instead of just improving the roof, we thought we would enhance it as well," said Devorkin. "We plan on not only improving the buildings, but enhancing them too."

Another issue that committee members discussed was a way to limit traffic along Mohawk Road. Ideas included putting up a right turn only sign when exiting the parking lot onto Mohawke Road. None of the ideas was officially decided upon.

The plans also included replacement and enhancement for signage outside the multi-tenant building. The new sign is designed to match the exterior remodeling proposed for the multi-tenant and expansion buildings. A new sign for the Sendik's building will be proposed later, according to Devorkin.

The Architectural Review Committee voted to approve the plans with a vote of 5-0. Construction may begin as early as January, 2013.


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