With Our 6th Election Behind Us, How Are You Feeling?

All year we have had one election after another and now that it's over, what's your take on things? We've been protesting, canvassing, registering and door knocking. So now what do we do?

Tuesday was our sixth election this year. And while the results ended up being mixed between Republicans and Democrats in the state and federal legislature, there seemed to be a strong sense of disappointment that the Republicans didn't carry Wisconsin Wednesday morning.

So this morning I asked on Facebook: How's everyone feeling? Happy, sad, frustrated about the outcome of the election?

Here's what you said:

Debby Erickson: Glad it is over. Could not stand one more commercial or hearing one more you're damn right. Now everyone needs to stop on Facebook and get back to reality.

Susan Jones Lemut: Let's start fighting about Wal-Mart now. (Gotta learn to type slower)

Debby Erickson: If I lived in Caledonia I would love to have a Walmart there.

Eddie Willing: Sad for America. Frustrated at the GOP and he operatives blaming "Conservatism." Angry that a President that allows people to die, doesn't know how to run a lemonade stand, has no budget that has ever passed, and cares nothing for Natural Law (the foundation of our Founders' intent) gets another 4 years.

Almost nothing changed last night. Senate is the same, House is almost the same. State houses are the same, Governorships are the same.... Yay.

Kevin Gibson: I'm hoping that the GOP will have the courage to challenge the voter fraud that resulted in Obama winning almost every battleground state. True the vote is reporting that there were more votes counted than the number of registered voters in several states including WI, OH, Pa, Va & FL. Sadly I don't think they will mount any serious challenge.

Eddie Willing: It wasn't enough fraud or inconsistencies to have swayed the election. This was lost to people who voted the wrong way, pure and simple.

Kevin Gibson: Maybe its wishful thinking but Still, with all the military votes that were delayed due to absentee ballot issues and all the people voting illegally I can't help but wonder if a challenge might overturn the vote in a few key states. If I understand correctly they still haven't called Florida have they ?

Todd Anderson: i BLAME Chris Christie....if he'd ran we'da won.

Eddie Willing: Chris Christie was even more moderate. He wouldn't have won. He didn't articulate the freedom argument any more than Romney did. Chris Christie is fun, and obnoxious and we love he's governor of NJ, but he's bad for America.

Kevin Gibson: A Detroit woman called a talk radio show this morning and was livid as she told about a man she saw voting at her suburban polling place who bragged openly that he had just come from voting at another center in Detroit.

Eddie Willing: Not enough for a 10 point loss though....

Heather Rayne: I poll observed all over yesterday and did not see one objection or possible fraud issue. Every place was crawling with observers - from both sides. I will say that almost every GOP observer I had contact with was friendly and civil. If the observers w...See More

Sarah Spranger: Lets give up the excuses move on and support your president.

Ted Gehrke: Right on Sarah

Tracy Ryba: I feel like I've been in jail for years and have just been denied parole.

Nichole Nelson Bohn: NOT happy!

John Herrera: I agreed with moving on, or so because we have no choice it is a hard loss to swallow when I feel like Ive seen the guy behind the curtain and everybody else that voted for him still thinks he's the great wonderful Oz/Obama. Sad day

Ray Gullan: Is it coincidence that the stock market is down 330 points and counting? And that the gas prices have jumped up 30 cents since yesterday?

Raymond Smith Jr: Better then 415 a gallon when rep bush was president Obama had some big shoes to jump in give him His chance

Raymond Smith Jr: 8 yrs to mess it up And only 4 yrs to try and fix?

James R Hoffa November 08, 2012 at 05:14 PM
@USAF ret - While Hoffa would definitely like to, it's probably a better idea to wait and vote him out in the next regular election cycle. He's ineffective anyway, as the GOP regained majority control of the State Senate, 18 seats to the Dems' 15 seats. What will be interesting to see is how the left will react to Walker's next biennium budget, which he's currently working on - will the expensive shenanigans continue?
morninmist November 08, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Rove has a meet up with his donors today. RightWingWatch MA @RWwatchMA 23s America's Billionaires are Pissed Off at Karl Rove | Mother Jones ow.ly/f89KS #masen #p2 #mapoli #tcot
Denise Lockwood November 08, 2012 at 05:39 PM
To bank off of the "I pay taxes" talk... yes we do pay taxes, but we also do not foot the entire bill for many services we use from the Social Security, to Medicare, to education, to roads, to safe water, to public health... Quite frankly the concept of sustainability was highly ignored throughout these elections. When we talk about wanting less government, we often want less government for others and not for ourselves.
James R Hoffa November 08, 2012 at 06:40 PM
@Denise - Actually, Hoffa would prefer to see SS and Medicare become an opt in program and benefits limited to what a person pays in over the course of their respective lifetimes. They also shouldn't rely upon additional taxation as a means of generating a rate of return, as they currently do. If the programs had been run this way from the beginning, sustainability wouldn't be an issue today. Also, conservatives don't mind paying for public schools, a limited use social safety net, and to help those who are truly incapable of helping themselves. It's the fraud, waste, abuse, inefficiencies, and ineffectiveness that really gets under our skin, such as the receipt that Craig used to constantly post showing how top quality steak, lobster and other luxuries can be easily purchased with food stamps - that's something that should make any taxpayer furious! We just want a fair government. If you can afford luxuries, such as a cell phone, pay TV service, flat screens, etc, then you shouldn't be able to collect government assistance. Government assistance should only be used to provide the bare necessities, not luxuries. And even then, it should only used for a limited time, except for those who are truly incapable of helping themselves, which in all reality is a very small/miniscule part of our population (less than 1%). Honestly, what is so wrong with that?
Heather Asiyanbi November 08, 2012 at 07:00 PM
@Hoffa - we all want to eliminate waste. I think that's a perfect piece of common ground on where to start for both parties - how to ID waste, what to do about it, how to prevent it. And then we can move on to the tax code - lots of revenue to be found at making it more simple, flatter, and eliminating the subsidies for big business.


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