MDIH Kids Help Stop Bullying With District-Wide Campaign

Kids at Indian Hill Elementary and Maple Dale Middle School donned 'Help Stop Bullying' T-shirts Friday to help raise awareness with a strong visual statement against bullying.

Every staff member and student at Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District donned bright blue shirts with radiant red lettering Friday that said, "Help Stop Bullying."

"Like schools across the country, the administration has made bully prevention a priority because students who feel safe in their learning environment are better able to learn," said Sue Bark, assistant to the district's superintendent.

Student Council organized projects and activities for the entire school year to support the campaign and the T-shirts are the "concrete" visual, administrators said. 

Bark said Student Council President August Eurich put together a grant application requesting the funds from the MDIH Education Foundation. In the request, he explained why the T-shirts were needed, even in a district that has little issues with bullying. 

"At Maple Dale, bullying has never been a big problem. However, there is always a little bit, whether it be on Facebook or on the playground," Eurich wrote. "This project will help eliminate that little bullying and maintain our reputation as a school where nobody gets bullied."

Jean Bernstein February 01, 2013 at 10:52 PM
It was great seeing everyone wearing the Anti-Bully message today! It was a joint effort between Student Council, the school, the MDIH Educational Foundation and the MDIH PTO to provide the funds necessary. All 4 worked together to bring home the message that everyone can "Help Stop Bullying!"


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