Nicolet Head Football Coach Calls Nicolet 'Unsafe' and Resigns

Brad Kozaczuk has turned in his resignation papers after a verbal altercation with a student. This will be the fifth time Nicolet will be looking for a new head football coach in five years.

head football coach, Brad Kozaczuk, resigned from his teaching and coaching posts and called Nicolet "unsafe" after a verbal altercation with a student, according to WISN 12 News.

at Nicolet after coaching at Waukesha North High School and also at Oshkosh North. He told Patch he was very happy with the coaching position even before he also got his teaching position. But according to 12 News, the recent incident the scariest experience he's had in 15 years of teaching.

"I'll be honest with you, I've never been as afraid as I was at that point," Kozaczuk said. "I had a student that had a violent loud outburst, started screaming about another student using a cellphone."

After the girl threatened to kick Kozaczuk, he told WISN 12 that she could go ahead. The principal and school liaison officer then came in and removed the student. Kozaczuk said when the principal told him he should have left her alone until administrators got there, he decided to write his resignation letter.

School Board President Marilyn Franklin disagreed with Kozaczuk and said Nicolet is a safe school.

"I don’t think Nicolet is unsafe at all," Franklin said Thursday night. "We are as safe a public high school as you’ll find."

Kozaczuk got the Knights off to a promising start last season, with opening victories over Waukesha South and Tosa East. But Nicolet lost six of its last seven games, for a 3-6 record.

Stay tuned as Patch will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.


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