Nicolet High School's Lockdown Friday A False Alarm

Students alerted after new audio system being "inadvertently hit," but school's superintendent said students and staff did exactly what they expected.

Students and staff at Nicolet High School had a firsthand test of the school's armed intruder alert system on Friday, but the alert turned out to be a false alarm, according to a story on Fox 6 News.

The school's alarm system had been improved with a new audio system, which had been "inadvertently hit," according to the story. Nicolet Superintendent Dr. Rick Monroe said when the alert went out over the school's PA system and everyone did exactly as instructed.

“People did act appropriately right away and they didn’t hesitate. We’re very well drilled. I expect in some classes, doors were closed if they weren’t already closed and people started moving away from the window area,” Dr. Monroe said.

Read more about the Nicolet High School lockdown.

Is your child aware of his or her school's lockdown procedure?


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