UPDATE: Nicolet Cancels Homecoming Pep Rally Over Fears of 'Disruption'

Administrators, police pull the plug on event after receiving information about a possible disruption during the rally. Students, parents upset over suspension of senior for her role in earlier homecoming incident.

Nicolet High School students did not take part in the annual pep rally Friday afternoon after administration and Glendale police made a decision to cancel the event because of a "possible disruption."

District Administrator Rick Monroe sent this letter out to parents Friday:

Due to information we received regarding a possible disruption at this afternoon’s pep rally, and after reviewing this information with the Glendale Police Department, the decision was reached to cancel the 1:30 pm  pep rally. All other school and homecoming activities will proceed as planned with an increased police presence. As always, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff remains our utmost concern.

In an interview at the school, Monroe declined to provide more details on why the pep rally was canceled. However, he said this was the first time in his five years as administrator that the rally was dropped.

While school officials aren't talking, parents and students at Nicolet say the decision to cancel the rally is related to an incident earlier this week in which  seniors circumvented a planned homecoming dress-up day with their own theme of "LAX Bros and Preppy Hoes."

Parents and students say a senior girl was suspended for two days because of her role in that incident. The student also was told she could not attend the homecoming dance, parents and students said.

Citing student privacy issues, Nicolet officials would not comment Friday on whether any disciplinary action has been taken against the student.

However, parents and students tell Patch that many students showed up for school on Friday wearing black in support of the suspended student. That apparently is caused the cancellation of the pep rally.

While the rally has been cancelled, other homecoming events — a cookout planned for Friday evening, the Friday night football game and Saturday's homecoming dance — will go on as scheduled.

Parents and students have been buzzing all week about the homecoming controversy with comments on Facebook and on Patch articles.

"The whole this is a big mess. AND blown way our of proportion," Nicolet parent Rachel Herrenbruck said in a Facebook comment.

Carol Rode-Curley added:  I agree...blown way out of proportion is exactly right. The girls wear less in gym class for cryin' out loud, besides that, the photo I saw was quite appropriate. Those girls looked adorable."

One Nicolet student, commenting on the Patch article, questioned why the students were in hot water over the incident.

"Last year they did 'a walk of shame' and girls came to school in spankies and men's button-down shirts," she said in a comment. "They looked more like 'hoes' than they did this year. Nicolet administration has gotten way out of hand this year. Why didn't kids get in this much trouble last year?"

Patch will continue to update this story as more information becomes available. 

John September 21, 2012 at 11:38 PM
The suspended student was not a vandal, as the article makes it seem. The student is a responsible, honor-roll, deans list student that the administration sought to place blame on for the student's part in organizing the overall homecoming, which was not to be disruptive or malignant in the least. Check your facts PLEASE.
IndependentBadger September 23, 2012 at 12:40 AM
This is only a "controversy" because some rich Northshore parent's kid got in trouble. If some poor black or latino kid bused from downtown had broken these same rules, noone would bat an eyelid. I can't believe how many times, as a Nicolet student, I saw rich kids get away with murder while the poor, darker kids got held to whatever standard was on the books. Good for the administration. Stick to your guns. Money can't buy everything. You richy rich whiners should be grateful your kids school administration has more vertebrae than you do.
Nicoletalum September 27, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Please stop with your ignorant stereotyping. The suspended student was not some "rich north shore kid". Tell your parents or your kids to work hard and maybe one day they or you will be able to live in the north shore. Please, hard work over whining and complaining every day.
IndependentBadger September 28, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Oh please. If you really are an alum, as I am ('92), you know damn well how coddled and pampered we were. Compared to other schools, we were attending a fricking country club. Kids there got treatment you wouldn't dream of anywhere else. Social promotion doesn't just happen to poor, black kids on The Wire. Coddling them to death and telling them that rules don't matter doesn't prepare them for life on the outside either. What was the administration supposed to do, ignore its own rules and apologize for hurting some future Mrs. Romney's feelings? Please...
Patty September 28, 2012 at 07:34 PM
You must have been on some other planet thinking you were at Nicolet. It isn't like that at all!


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