Nicolet Students Brave the Cold to 'Kill the Bill'

Many passing drivers honked in support as they passed the shivering Nicolet protesters.

A handful of students from braved the chilly temperatures Friday and walked out of school to protest Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill.

The walkout comes a day after near 100 students protested at school's flag pole.

About nine students, later met by a few more, protested along I-43, and then later along North Port Washington Road, across from the

Laurel Stewart, 16, said that even though the turnout was not as large as it was Thursday, she's still happy that people are standing up for what's right.

"I'm glad we have the people we do. They're really supportive of the cause and that's more important than having a lot of people," she said.

While some people look at high school students protesting and wonder if it's just a way for them to get out of class, Stewart it's definitely more than that.

"By losing collective bargaining rights, (teachers) lose the ability to control class sizes and curriculum, and that directly effects students," she said.

As the students protested, nearly every other car that drove by honked its horn in response to a sign that read: "Honk for workers' rights." Cheers erupted from the students each time, the loudest when a North Shore fire truck drove by and let its horn blow.

Liz Schardin, 18, said her father is a teacher and the budget bill, if approved, will drastically change the way they live. "I don't feel like Scott Walker knows what he's doing," she said.

The entire group chanted "Kill the bill!" and "We love our teachers!" throughout the entire event. Even a city taxi cab honked their support.

The students were escorted by Nicolet Principal Greg DePue. After the half-hour allotment when these students did not have class, he reminded them that it is their choice whether to return to school but that they would held accountable if they didn't. A few students trickled back to class, while the most stayed to protest.

"There are parts of it that I don't believe are necessary, and I feel this bill came on too quickly and they should have thought over it more before they put it in order," Julia Orne, 17, said. "The Democrats that didn't show up, it was great that they did all that just so they could prolong it."

"I want to kill the bill," said Tami Shovers, 18. 

"It would cut a lot of jobs," said Alyssa Barna, 18. "Kill the bill!"

Leslie February 19, 2011 at 10:22 PM
I think most of the kids have NO idea what they are talking about. A student saying, "It would cut a lot of jobs," does not know what she is talking about AT ALL for example.
Cindy Huber February 19, 2011 at 11:26 PM
My understanding is that if the bill does not pass, 6000 people are going to get laid-off. Does anyone understand how hard it is to find a job in this economy? This is going to be a disaster.
Leslie February 20, 2011 at 10:13 PM
10,000-12,000 lay offs actually
alyssa April 08, 2011 at 03:34 PM
actually i think that everyone has a comment to say. and what scott walker is doing is completely wrong. so leslie the next time you would like to try to comment on what i said, think before you you say it.
Shaun Arvelo April 08, 2011 at 03:43 PM
I also go to nicolet and personally i know alyssa and she is into politics and our crappy excuse for a government. half of our school has no clue whats been going on with scott walker, a fouth can care less, and the last fourth actually knows whats happening. so unless you know nicolet students you can back off. okiess ^_^


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