St. Eugene Kids Celebrate End of School with BBQ

Along with burgers and parachutes, these kids took a few whacks at a baseball pinata loaded with candy.

The annual fundraiser for St. Eugene's Church was held Thursday at in Fox Point. Kids swung at a candy-filled pinata, devoured burgers, soda and candy, and played games with a parachute.

Organized by third-grade teacher Joe Mirasola, the kids were all smiles and screams of joy.

One boy showed his appreciation for Mirasola's yearly barbecues telling him he's a great teacher, before running off to take a crack at the pinata.

Mirasola has been a teacher at St. Eugene's school for 14 years, but this is the seventh, or eighth year he's run the barbecue. He couldn't quite remember. But there's more help to keep track of these kids than just Mirasola.

"It's wonderful parents and volunteers that help out every year," Mirasola said.

Parents pay $20 per child for the afternoon and Mirasola takes up to 25 kids out for the afternoon's festivities. All proceeds go to .


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