Video: Parents Voice Concerns About District Administrator's Judgment

Despite complaints, School Board offers Rachel Boechler another two-year contract.

For more than an hour, parents in the voiced strong concerns about District Rachel Boechler and a newspaper article that said she failed to report an affair between a student and teacher when she was a counselor in Wauwatosa in the early 1990s.

The vote to extend Boechler's contract for two more years came after parents called on her to resign.

As parents and teachers peppered Boechler with criticism, the superintendent remained silent throughout, keeping her eyes down on the paper in front of her.

After the meeting ended, however, raised Monday.

"Some of this is the first time I've heard this," she said. "I am aware there's fear in the faculty. There's fear because they don't know what their salaries will be, they don't know what benefits will be, they don't know what next year will look like.

"I don't believe I've ever done anything to create fear in people," she said. "In fact, tried to do just the opposite."


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