PHOTOS: Tough Mudder Wisconsin

Both guys and gals took to the mud this past weekend in my hometown Cascade and drew participants from all over Wisconsin. Take a look at everyone getting down and dirty!

Are you a Tough Mudder?

The 10-to 12-mile obstacle course was held Saturday and Sunday in my hometown of Cascade, with a whopping population of 706. Both guys and gals took to the mud, clawing through the squashy stuff and making their way to the finish line. With titles for checkpoint such as "Arctic Enema" and "Boa Constrictor," this challenge took some time - with many reporting three to four hours to complete. 

Take a look at the pics of those brave souls getting their muddy groove on and add your own. Just click "Upload" to get started! 

Not a Tough Mudder? Check out the photo gallery.  


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