Fox Point Fourth-Grader Recognized at Be Kind to Animals Ceremony

Casey O'Hare says it's important to check out the living conditions for the "Mama dog" to make sure your puppy isn't coming from a mill.

Welcome to Names in the News, Fox Point-Bayside Patch's new weekly column, where we introduce you to a local face.

For the inaugural installment, we sat down with Casey O'Hare (CO), a nine-year-old who has lived in Fox Point her entire life and cares deeply for animals. Casey has was recognized Sunday by the Ozaukee County Humane Society at the Be Kind to Animals Awards Ceremony.

Patch: What do you like most about Fox Point?

CO: It's a great place to walk my dog and I like all the sports teams I can be on (soccer, basketball, softball).

Patch: How did you get involved with Club Bark?

CO: I got involved with Club Bark when I adopted my wonderful dog, Percy.  I found out how much the Ozaukee County Humane Society saves animals and I wanted to be involved in their program. The adoption worker at OHS told me about ClubBark. I get to be in the parades with OHS and go to fun programs, like seeing the K-9 dog. 

Patch: Why do you like helping animals?

CO: I like helping animals because dogs can't talk, so someone has to for them. To help dogs I protest against puppy mills, I have a petition agains them. I raised money last number for OHS by selling lemonade and last summer summer school students donated to my supply drive for OHS.

Patch: What inspired you to give back to the animals?

CO: I was inspired to give back to animals because my dog Percy. 

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Patch: How does it make you feel to give back to your community?

CO: It makes me feel awesome when I give back to my community because I know that it helps the animals and that is all that matters!

Patch: Would you encourage other kids to give back? How do you think they could help? 

CO: I encourage kids to help dogs by adopting, not shopping for one.  If you don't know what that means, I mean that when you are ready for a dog you go to OHS (or any Humane Society) and adopt or if you go to a breeder make sure you see the living conditions of the Mama dog. Always ask to see the parents of the puppy if you go to a breeder. Some people make the mom breed more times than appropriate but you can tell if the Mama dog is being well taken care of.


Speak up for animals,
For they are alive.
Speak up for animals,
And help them thrive.
Speak up for pups,
Make sure their ma’s alright.
Speak up for pups,
Be sure they’re not trained to fight.
Speak up for kittens,
Spay and neuter fast.
Speak up for kittens,
And take them to SNAP!
Speak up for small animals,
Hamsters to rats.
Speak up for small animals,
Keep them away from cats!
Speak up for animals,
And make sure you adopt.
Speak up for animals,
And don’t buy them at a shop.

About this column: In this weekly column, we'll help you get to know another member of the community. Do you know someone in Fox Point or Bayside who's doing some amazing things? Email suggestions to Editor Sarah Worthman. 

Joyce Madsen May 08, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Casey, you are wise – and compassionate – beyond your years. For those of us who have fought for kindness to animals for countless years, you are our hope for the future. On behalf of the 21 rescued dogs (including 9 puppy mill dogs) I’ve adopted over the years, and for the many puppy mill “mamas” I’ve fostered in the last 3 years, I salute your willingness to stand up and speak for the animals.
Jean Bernstein May 16, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Another great kid coming from Maple Dale Indian Hill School District. You know someone who is kind to animals is really a good person inside. Thanks for sharing this story!


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