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 I know what I want, and usually how to get it. I sincerely believe where there’s a will-there’s a way. I know who I am, and no one can ever alter that. At the end of the day, I feel good about myself.
I am loyal to a fault; if you have my vow of loyalty- right, wrong or indifferent- I have your back. I try to fully respect everyone's individuality, even if it’s polar opposite of my own. But sometimes that's difficult for me when irrationality or disrespect enter the picture. I am not a romantic, but I love with all of my heart. I am loyal to family and friends without exceptions. I love guns, God, Irish boys, freckles and smart people. I am not judgmental, but am often judged by my vampy persona. I look like a wild child, but in reality, I am a dyed-in-the-wool conservative Republican. I am a restless hot-blooded Irish girl; but I am not a fan of the Catholic Church. I am fiercely competitive; deeply compassionate, insanely intense, and relatively easy to get along with. I can be a lifetime grudge holder. I genuinely don’t care what anyone thinks of my personal lifestyle. I am independent to a fault. I am not afraid of anything but death, snakes, and drowning. I'm not as emotionally tough as people may think. I have surreal confidence in my own abilities. I have never suffered from a moment of insecurity or jealousy. Ever. I tend to be bold and brazen. I am not stuck-up. I suffer from occasional creative insomnia. I am book smart, but numerically challenged. I eat anything I want and I am still to skinny. My memory is photographic. My legacy is my daughter, who is also my life’s highest achievement, and certainly my true north.
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